Whenever I read/hear someone calling President Obama “arrogant”, I think they’re just saying “uppity”.

Whenever I see that facebook meme that reads “‘Like’ if you miss having a first lady who was classy” over Laura Bush’s photo, I think they’re just saying that Michelle Obama is nothing but ghetto trash.

I cringe every time and wonder what freaking year it really is. 2014? 1964? 1954?


Hobby Lobby purchases an enormous amount of goods manufactured in China which has government-forced abortions and restricts religious freedom.

Hobby Lobby’s retirement plans invest in companies that manufacture birth control methods and devices.

Hobby Lobby previously provided insurance that covered Plan B and Ella.

Guess when they suddenly started making a stink about that? In 2012 when the ACA/”Obamacare” began to take effect.

Combine that fact with the retirement plan investments and their lack of qualms about China and it seems they could give a shit about what their employees really do with their birth control.

They are really just interested in stopping progress initiated by this particular president and battling against their previously growing inability to force their religious beliefs on to others in and out of the store.

The kind of people behind Hobby Lobby like to think that other people’s freedom infringes on their right to make choices for those people and therefore their faith is being infringed. The unoppressed religious majority then convinces its members and the politicians it invests in that it is being persecuted. Then we end up with bullshit decisions like that on Monday and the similar reductions of access to women’s reproductive health services that have been plaguing some states this year.

They do it all while praising Jesus and ignoring that Jesus and the rest of the Bible says NOTHING about birth control and contraception. Their spouting objections to birth control is merely a control mechanism to maintain a patriarchy and control women.

Just disgusting.

The solution is for reasonable people to get out and vote instead of letting the right wing and associated outrage machines anger teabaggers, christian conservatives and their ilk enough to decide elections in their supposed favor.

I don’t know what it will take to get all those allegedly reasonable people I speak of to go out and vote though.


A friend on fb posted to counter the idiotic belief that anyone with a ‘different’ or ‘unusual’ sexual orientation is somehow desperate to have sex with you. I echoed their post saying:

"-Just because a person has a sexual preference that is not purely heterosexual, or not heterosexual at all, it does not mean they are less able to control their sexual desires and employ restraint than anyone else."

To further extend my comment… I’ve long detected that as the underlying belief and fear in those who I’ve heard express their dislike of gays serving in the military or their being in the same workplace or gym and so on, with ‘one a them homos’ or ‘dykes’.

More than once, around the end of DADT, I made a couple of so-called manly men spitting mad and redfaced when I called them on that fear when they stated their allegedly reasonable homophobic opinion. “What if some huge gay guy attacks you in the shower and you can’t stop him?” one guy has said to me. “Do you know anyone that’s happened to? No, you don’t.” I’ve answered.

Not that it hasn’t happened, of course, but it seems safe to say the stats on confirmable -gay- attacks on heterosexuals in public gym and barracks showers are barely existent compared to the rate of incidence of heterosexual-on-heterosexual violence in those places. Hey, I’ve seen local boy Viggo in “Easter Promises” so I know what I’m talking about.

For a kicker, though I’m heterosexual AFAIK, I’ve added into some arguments “But how do you know I’m not gay and likely to just go off at any moment and do something gay to you?” That always creates an uneasy pause.

I’ve said, “Don’t you realize that gay people are already in locker rooms, showers, foxholes, offices and not doing anything to anyone?” The reply has been “Yeah but if they’re allowed to be open about it then they can do it to you and you can’t do anything about it!” *facepalm*

(See also the misbelief that all pedophiles are gay when it is, by a significant margin in existing statistics (that you can Google), predominantly heterosexuals committing the deeds.)

So many guys I’ve known over the years clearly have this notion in their head that being around gay men means that there’s somehow a great likelihood of them being forced into forceful spontaneous, unbridled anal penetration, fellatio or antiquing by them. (I sense this so much less with women that feel uneasy around lesbians with regard to corresponding sexual practices like cunnilingus, scissoring or buying a Subaru Outback. Interesting.)

That’s right! Whenever there’s a gay, bi, queer and/or trans guy near you, you’re in danger of SPONTANEOUS FLAMING BUTTSECKS!! “Hide your kids! Hide your wife!” I mean, just accidentally step into a Pier 1 and BAM…. buttsecks.

Go to Disney Land/World on Gay Day… BAM… buttsecks on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

I mean, if you just accidentally glance at a fellow man who is gay while The Weather Girls is playing on the jukebox or PA? BAM…. You’re havin’ buttsecks.

And now your M. Night Shamalamadingdong finale: Gosh. Doesn’t that scenario of vulnerability and fear sound like what women have to legitimately experience on a regular basis amongst some men? Yeah, it does. How’s that feel?




"Elliot Rodger … viewed himself as a sophisticate and a catch, and reserved much of his venom for attractive women, who he believed spurned him, and men who had more success in dating."

This isn’t just about mental illness or gun access - those are symptoms. This is the end result of a boy
raised in a culture befouled with patriarchy, male privilege, and male entitlement. This shit will never end until we stop putting band-aids over the symptoms and start treating the disease.” #FeministKilljoy

Some rambling reactions and harmonious thoughts:

Yup. There is indeed a mix of elements at work behind this horrible occurrence. It isn’t just one single thing that brought it about but some factors loom larger than others.

A main characteristic of the patriarchy and misogyny that contributed to Rodger’s delusions and murderous spree is the simple inability or choice to not see women as equals. In Rodgers it likely came from a neglectful upbringing, an abundance of material wealth and some classic sociopathy that could very well have been part of his biology.

There unfortunately isn’t one remedy to help prevent things like it from happening again. There are many changes that must be made if we collectively care as a nation and society to try and prevent such tragedies.

But do we care enough? I do, of course and so does any reasonable, caring and empathetic human being. It’s hard to see any indication that anything is improving though. Are things “better” than they were 10 years ago? 50 years ago? 100 years ago? I’m having a hard time answering that this year.

As has been said, we certainly aren’t collectively acting in earnest to prevent gun violence. Another day, another shooting, another day of inaction follows. There are too many hurdles of money and power in the way at present. The loved ones of those in power have to be lost for change to occur.

I pity those raising daughters when the world those parents try and prepare them for is still so set against valuing women as equals and considering them worthy of being in power and making their own decision about sex and reproduction.

I can see the obvious need for parents raising boys to instill respect for women in them. It all starts there. That is where the patriarchy can be broken and misogyny diffused. It isn’t right to simply let societal norms determine how male children learn to treat females since rarely anything improves that way.

I posted in a shortened form on Twitter that the mature thing for a male to do is realize that whatever flaws women are repelled by are his flaws, not hers. Sure, not all women are perfect or mature but that doesn’t matter here. Women of all sorts of persuasions can easily see flaws men can’t see in themselves and the immature reaction to rejection is for a man to blame everyone else but himself for his romantic failures.

I completely understand and still know very well the frustration so many males feel when love is unrequited or sexual attraction is not reciprocated. Again, the mature reaction is not to believe some vengeance must be exacted upon those women who don’t simply obey or spread their legs at a desperate male’s request. It also doesn’t mean a man should take on the less respectable traits of the males that targeted females seem to choose.

Who wants to be with a woman who only likes assholes and who will spread for any male that wants sex? Men won’t be happy in the long run pursuing such women. The reverse is true for women. Who wants to be with a male who only wants a woman for sex and will have sex with any woman who opens her legs? Women won’t be happy in the long run pursuing such men.

There can of course be brief sexual encounters by consenting individuals. The key word is ‘consent’.

There have been some good writeups on the web in the last year about the problem with some self-proclaimed “nice guys”. The neckbeards and fedora-wearing trogs react hostilely of course but there is a lot of wisdom to be extracted from those articles if a thoughtful man wishes to be less of a turn-off to women.

(Worthy of discussion at a later date is the value of the availability of safe and legal prostitution and its role in muting potentially violent behavior in males. But not today.)

I wish I could say it will get better. I wish such tragedies could influence negligent parents to begin actively shaping the attitudes of their sons. I wish the women I love didn’t have to live in fear. It’s dismaying in 2014 that we have to keep having this discussion over and over.

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I started this week relating to you kids the menagerie that is my drive home from work. When last we met we had concluded aliens were included in the goings on. Nothing has disproven that yet so therefore it’s true. You know, Occam’s Razor and all that. (Occam’s Razor is a name for the principle that the simplest explanation for something is usually the correct one and it’s obviously aliens).

However, as the usual fauna retreated somewhat for the rest of the week other creatures arose to make their presence known on the road home.

It was a dark and stormy night… (I should have started with that, I guess.) After work Wednesday night/Thursday morning, I was about three miles from the outskirts of Ogdensburg and driving my car, as I am wont to do in order to get home. (How come we never refer to the stuff on the other side of the outskirts as the inskirts? You’d think with all the gains we’ve made with equality and so on, we’d have that option.)

Nothing but expired animals could be seen by the side of the road. Lightning is happening to the west and creeping closer with each discharge. It’s 2:10 a.m., the rain is picking up and I’ve come up a small rise with some over-hanging trees AND HOLY FUCK THERE’S GUY STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAMN ROAD WAVING HIS HANDS AT ME and I pull the steering wheel to the right slightly in reaction to avoid the asshat. In that same moment, I quickly look to see if there’s a car off the road and there isn’t so I don’t brake, thinking “Fuck you, crazy ass probably drunken nutjob. I don’t care what you’ve got yourself into. I ain’t stopping for someone who didn’t have the sense to stay away from the median, isn’t near a vehicle with hazard lights going and likely just messed up his transportation options earlier this evening and is caught in the rain.”

He didn’t hear me because I was just thinking all that. Wait, maybe he was telepathic and, oh, nevermind. Who cares? Anyway, it was a young-looking male caucasian in an off-white t-shirt and a pair of jeans with two arms, legs and so on that one would normally expect on a person standing in the middle of the road. I was unsure of his footware.

I soon felt a little twinge of guilt and for a millisecond thought “What if he’s got a pregnant wife about to give birth in the ditch and I do have a first-aid kit with scissors, an astro-blanket, some bottled water and I have a CD full of David Bowie MP3s playing in my CD player and I would have to help deliver the kid which they would name after me or David Bowie and it would make a nice feel-good story for the paper?”

Again, all that was for only a millisecond before I resumed thinking “Fuck that guy and his pregnant wife!”. I’ll be home in 10 minutes and call 911.

So, I did get home and I did dial 911 and William Shatner didn’t answer, which renders that whole series a lie. As the responder answered the call, I could hear the wheels of a chair roll into position and a voice of a human or replicant asked “911. What is the location of the emergency?”, like he really cared.

You know me, my brain spun out all sorts of smartass answers like “Outside”, “In your pants”, “Well, if you don’t know, then…” and “Your closet. You need a fashion intervention now!”

But instead I said “About a mile south of the Arnold-Wagner Road on Rt. 68”.
"And what is the nature of the emergency?" he asked.
"Some guy was standing in the middle of the road trying to flag me down so I’m not sure what was up with that," I answered.
"There’s an ambulance already en route right now to see what’s going on."
"Oh, okay. Cool."
"Thank you for calling it in."
"Have a good night."

I flipped on the scanner app on my tablet and a second later I heard the ambulance reply they’d picked up a 21-year-old male and were taking him back into the city to the hospital for an eval. So someone else must have already called it in.

The End.

Well, that ended in a rather unexciting way, didn’t it? Sorry.

To make it up to you, let’s pretend the guy was a serial killer and when they had him in the hospital, the camera zoomed in on his dilated pupils as he muttered, “Going to kill that guy who passed me by.” Then there was a dramatic swell of music as the scene cut to an external view of the Emergency Room entrance and screams could suddenly be heard from within and splatters of blood hit the automatic doors as we cut to a closeup of white orderly shoes on a prone body being dragged and leaving streaks of blood. Cut to black and roll credits.

The End.

Was that better? Yeah, I think so too.

Oh, I should warn you now that I say the word “Fuck” a couple times in this post.


We’re catching up with spring and apparently it was “Hey, there’s a nice bright moon in the sky, so let’s try and cross the road in front of that loud, fast, bright-eyed thing coming right at us!” Night on my commute home.

I don’t even know what one or two of the things were that whooshed across up ahead just out of reach of my headlights. Deer? Owl? A rare insomniac turkey? The still and non-interactive creatures were easier to identify, if not by the volume of entrails then by the fur: skunks, raccoons, deerses,

I happily did not add to the carnage. Two bunnies wisely reversed direction as I approached. That was a relief as they often will freak out and do some chaotic jazz tap routine  between the yellow and white lines, leaving you no predictable path for avoidance. Some poor turtle bought it last week and was simply beside itself. Most of itself, anyway.

Meanwhile in daylight this week, I did spy a turkey vulture and a young turkey by the highway but they were not hanging out together. Our bird feeder attracted, for the first time in a loooonnnng time, a male and female cardinal pair and they seemed to be partying with a red breasted grosbeak.

Soon we’ll be putting on shorts, opening windows and doors now that winter has passed and the dawn will hopefully occasionally feature a loon pair’s calls now and then from the shore. (Long distance rates may apply.)

As for the unverifiable vermin, varmint or vagrant I mentioned above, logic dictates that it was obviously aliens.


Ted Nugent
Sarah Palin
Joe the Plumber
George Zimmerman
Phil Robertson
Cliven Bundy

What a list.

The Tea Party and FOX News pick these guys, put ‘em on a pedestal and then are surprised when something embarrassing, bizarre, homophobic and/or racist comes out of their folksy new heroes’ pie holes.

Meanwhile, the rest of us see the stumbles and revelations of true character coming a mile away.

The accompanying problem is that the many Tea Party folk that actually hold office back away in reaction to the bad P.R. and not because they truly disagree with their followers’ now-disgraced heroes.

The actual Tea Party constituents are likely not deterred from their worship of these depicted morons and nutjobs du jour as they themselves don’t necessarily think any differently. Their heroes’ fall from grace is obviously merely an assault of political correctness and a liberal conspiracy! IT’S CENSORSHIP! BENGHAZI! HITLER!

The Tea Party people and FOX News watchers blame others for their inadequacies and failures, distrust facts out of willful ignorance, prefer talking points to thoughts, respond to dog whistle politics and reliably pounce on whatever meat the Koch Brothers throw before them. So someone like Cliven Bundy comes along and without fail, the gullible jump right on the bandwagon without any thought whatsoever because gathering facts, realizing glaring cognitive dissonances and thinking doesn’t suit their bitter, judgmental and angry disposition.

If it’s not a personality, it’s a false scandal or outright lie about which the Tea Party/FOX News crowd can become outraged. Time after time, the air is taken out of whatever the latest this-will-take-Obama-down story is and yet they become no less suspicious of the next banner headline. It’s a cycle of perpetual outrage, anger, resentment, fear and hate. They get riled up and vote against their own self-interest.

They seethe and froth and have fits at any opportunity without noticing it doesn’t get them anywhere.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Who will the next false hero be, I wonder?


I bet you could use some craft supplies from Hobby Lobby to make some swell handmade contraceptives.

- It’s easy to turn foam puppetry supplies into jubilant contraceptive sponges!
- Scrapbook your fight to maintain your reproductive rights!
- Knit a nice rainbow-colored cozy for prescription bottles of Viagra and penis pumps, the insurance coverage of which the company has apparently not objected to on the grounds of religious freedom!
- The spring-themed DIY-IUD is on sale this week!