I bet you could use some craft supplies from Hobby Lobby to make some swell handmade contraceptives.

- It’s easy to turn foam puppetry supplies into jubilant contraceptive sponges!
- Scrapbook your fight to maintain your reproductive rights!
- Knit a nice rainbow-colored cozy for prescription bottles of Viagra and penis pumps, the insurance coverage of which the company has apparently not objected to on the grounds of religious freedom!
- The spring-themed DIY-IUD is on sale this week!


U. of Chicago Study Confirms Americans Believe in Really Dumb Shit

Related to what I was saying previously… ‘Murica seems to have a firm hold on the moron market.


Whooping Cough Outbreaks Tied to Parents Shunning Vaccines - US News

Measles has had a resurgence. So has polio. Mumps. And others.

Congratulations, you dumb motherfuckers, you abusive parents. Now your kids are sick and could even die because of your poor decisions and your gullibility.

Of course, in my recent experience, (hell, in all my experience) when you try to inform someone that they are not discerning in their choice of reference materials and that they are giving completely undue weight and concern to writings that are not substantiated by the scientific community at large, the misinformed will tell you that you are condescending, bullying, intolerant and close-minded.

It is also somehow rude to vigorously express bafflement at the illogic before you, chastise someone for their idiocy and dismiss their decision to be concerned and cautious due to what they think is valid data.

Somehow, what is scientific fact is actually just part of a scam of some sort.

Your words will be scrutinized and figures of speech, metaphors, sarcasm and so on will be intentionally taken as actual intent to physically silence and harm those who disagree with you.

I’m thinking it’s a safe bet everyone here has been through that many, many times? Yeah. Thought so.

Meanwhile, my head explodes with frustration and discomfort from arguing with either old friends or semi-strangers and soon despair sets in that so many among us are incapable of accepting facts due to their partisanship, conspiracy mindsets, FOX News dogmatism and selfish ideologies. That’s what prompted my last few copy/pasta posts here at the tumblrses.

So, I say we euthanize the stupid.


(crowd roars)

Naturally, my post with the Minchin video hit a nerve with some people elsewhere on the net. I replied to someone who disliked that I wasn’t just being nicely tolerant and live and let live about “alternative” beliefs and likewise seemed to think I was putting myself forth as a high and mighty intellect. I shouldn’t worry about other people’s rejection of fact, apparently, if I’m so smart. Here goes:

It’s not about agreeing with me but agreeing with scientific fact that is true whether you believe it or not. There are charlatans preying on desperate, uneducated or intellectually weak people looking for miracle cures. There are people sowing disinformation and fear for political gain and profit on these matters. We can’t let such people go unchecked.

There are facts, researched and verified, about vaccine use. To spread misinformation about vaccines is to endanger or end the lives of others. There’s no valid alternative thought on these things. Polio, measles and other diseases are returning because some idiots are spreading lies, unsupported and debunked beliefs about their usage.

Evolution is a fact. Climate change is a fact. Many, many alleged cancer treatments are completely lacking in supporting data beyond anecdotes. There aren’t alternate outcomes to basic math problems that are acceptable. Facts are facts.

If people are being harmed or suffering directly or indirectly due to the willful spread of misinformation about some of these matters, yes, some punitive measures are likely needed to protect society now and in the future.

There is no end to people selling magical “woo” and happy pablum as self-help. There is legitimate knowledge out there in psychology and psychiatry to be had to improve one’s health. There are also respectable people who motivate others without resorting to goofy mysticism. But all the new age bullshit crystal and reiki healing, magnetic bracelets, channeled spirit beings, chakras, The Secret etc.? It’s all complete bullshit puked forth to sell books, tapes, videos, speaking engagements at the Ramada, water bottles, incense holders, licensed yoga mats and more books. It’s snake oil selling that wastes people’s money before they move on to the next popular infomercial product. The gullible are taken advantage of.

I’m not ashamed of anything I said above regardless of how you’ve exaggerated or chosen to misinterpret it. It’s precisely because I continually pursue reason and intelligence to the best of my ability that I see how dangerous it is to not call out stupidity. We can’t afford to let the willful ignorance and superstition of some people to endanger us all or limit our opportunities to gain further knowledge. I don’t know everything and can’t explain every phenomenon but I know how idiotic it is to not experiment and seek new answers. To stop thinking and accept illogic that just makes you feel good is dangerous to oneself and others. I fear those who do so. They mistakenly think their inability to understand something thereby invalidates it.

I’m never satisfied with what I know and always disappointed that I can’t learn everything and keep track of our growing knowledge of the universe. There’s not enough years in a man’s life. I fear the unthinking and those who exploit them because they are a threat to all intelligent humans. You should too. Such people allow dangerous practices to go unchecked and fear is used to create resentment and schisms. No amount of personally acquired knowledge will reduce my concern about the danger of those who will not choose to learn and revise what they know. Science and reason is the shit.


It is good to learn that the once ubiquitous infomercial pseudo-paranoiac conspiracy-spreading bogus cure-all huckster Kevin Trudeau is headed to the slammer for 10 years. Hooray for reason and the law. He sold unfounded and worthless bullshit to non-critical thinkers who bought into his spiel that big pharma is hiding cures and repressing “the truth”.

He preyed on idiots and you can still find some of them about the net praising him as some sort of guru of success and well-being that is just a poor persecuted victim of the gubmint, FDA and big pharma. Enjoy your lighter wallet and your inadequately treated and often deadly illnesses, fools.

Trudeau deserves to be tossed in the same dark hole with all the conspiracy nutbags, climate change deniers, cancer quacks, anti-vaccine loudmouths, evolution deniers, feel-good self-help would-be mystics (Chopra and a variety of other similar Oprah guests and book peddlers), psychics and followers of all of the above who hold the rest of humanity back from enjoying the benefits of scientific progress, scholarship and reason that we’ve already achieved over millennia as a species.

That Tim Minchin chestnut is worth repeating in this instance: “You know what they call alternative medicine that’s been proved to work? (pause) Medicine.”

I’ve posted the video above before but the routine is such a wonderful one-two punch to bullshit purveyors and believers that it should be repeated and taken to heart by everyone.


A friend’s facebook post on the error of state murder/capital punishment as revenge and the ensuing replies stirred me to summarize the state of my thoughts on the matter. They have changed over the decades, of course as I came to see there is more gray than black and white out there. I replied as follows.

While experience and emotion could/will change my outlook on what should befall criminals of varying sorts -outside- our legal system, it’s pretty apparent to me that philosophically, ethically, morally etc., state murder actually undermines and contradicts a citizenry’s alleged desire to protect collective human rights, secure and maintain individual freedoms and convey their ideals to less free nations. In other words, how do you have the right to live if you’ve given your own government the right to take it away from you?

That’s a concept that is often lost to emotion and prejudice just like the fact that heterosexuals do not really have the full rights to marry if they have their government deny it to homosexuals.

Emotion clouds people’s ability to realize that the death penalty is not a deterrent to crime.

Everyone must ask themselves how many innocent lives lost through capital punishment is fine with them so long as a guilty party can be punished similarly. If you think one innocent person killed by the state through error, malice, incompetence etc. is too many, then you must therefore realize that an imperfect justice system has no business doling out death. Is 300 innocent people wrongly killed through capital punishment okay with you? Is there a magic number that is a deal breaker for you? Is there a proportion of innocent to guilty that you’re comfortable with? 1/100? 1/100,000? What is it?

I’ve heard that the cost of the appeals process for inmates on death row can often exceed that of lifelong  incarceration of an individual. That too should be considered if you think a decision to carry out a death sentence can be justified by potential savings. How much potentially non-existent savings is worth allowing some innocent men to be killed in the process?

Yes, the expenditures for inmates on death row or in gen. pop. causes me concern and often anger but mostly because that money invested outside prison walls could have been the key to preventing the desperate situations that brought about the commission of a murder.

On a final note, without regard for the propriety of capital punishment, as I get older, the more I think that a dire, limited existence behind bars is better revenge than any state execution could be. If you’re still going to dole out justice based upon revenge, it seems to me capital punishment would be inadequate.


I finished watching the first season of HBO’s “True Detective” last night. It lived up to the buzz. It’s an incredible show with many great performances, esp. from McConaughey. Give that goofy man some Emmys to go with his Oscar. Harrelson did some great work too. There were some weaknesses in the last episode but I can easily live with them. The dialogue, careful pacing and unfolding of the story were amazing.

I watched it all in two bursts and wonder how I could have possibly waited between episodes from week to week had I watched it as it aired. From episode to episode, I was just dying for some resolution that I suspected would never be complete. That’s an important part of the story, though.

After viewing the last ep. of the season, I perused people’s reactions on the net after each airing. I was somewhat surprised by all the speculation and fishing for clues on screen ala the viewing experience of “Twin Peaks” and “LOST”. It’s very much a descendent of the great “Twin Peaks” and other landmark shows but I never felt a need to guess at what was coming, whodunnit or whether utterances and objects were supposed to be subtle clues.

It isn’t “Murder She Wrote” or “Matlock” where you are hamfistedly shown morsels that add up in the end. Hell, you can solve most of those TV crime shows simply by the casting. “With special guest Wings Hauser”. Mystery solved right there. Duh.

If you’re armchair sleuthing and over analyzing “TD”, you’re missing out on the value of the atmospherics, the intertwining of the characters’ lives and scenery. It’s not written for you to nitpick every sign and symbol for a certain plot payoff. Just ride along with the characters and let them do the detective work and come to their own realizations and reflections.

Looking forward already to future “True Detective” seasons.


I just wrote a nice, long, well-crafted post over the last hour and a half on my Android tablet, using a stylus no less. I was finished with it. I checked it over. All good. I see the tag symbol waiting for me to add tags and do so. I hit Done and it exits the adding of tags… and my entire fucking post… IS GONE!!!!!


Someone must die for this.


Attack Ad May Actually Expose Obamacare Success Story

Attack Ad May Actually Expose Obamacare Success Story

a.k.a. Damn you, mathematics and your liberal bias!


Because I get tired of filtering some posts on facebook in order to avoid dealing angrily with folks I grew up with from my hometown that remained or became bigots, morons, racists, homophobes, religious nuts, conservatives and so on. Those descriptors are not mutually exclusive of each other, of course. It’s nice to just have a likely somewhat limited audience that one can throw stuff in front of unfiltered.